Vietnam is so diverse with its landscapes and cultures, from the tribal villages in the freezing cold mountains to the cosmopolitan city and sandy beaches. In Hanoi we brought a scooter and planned our route around. It’s easy to travel around but the roads can be very badly serviced. We only had a months visa but we wish we done three! Heres our tips and tricks to make it easier for you;

  • Leave enough time – We only gave ourselves a month in Vietnam to fit in everything but we have had to rush it, every bike journey has taken us longer than what is estimated on the sat nav mainly due to the road condition being bad. If we had enough time we would do shorter journeys on the bike.
  • Go to karaoke – You can’t got to Vietnam without trying karaoke there’s about ten every road you turn down or you will hear people singing as loud as they can from their houses.
  • Travel the ‘Ma Pi Leng Pass’ – This is some of the best scenery in Vietnam. you can buy a scooter and do it yourself, do a tour or take the local buses. How ever you choose to go, DO IT!
  • Get money out in major cities – in small towns or villages some don’t have a ATM and others have a limit of 2,000,000 dong which is only (£), they all charge you for using a forgone card so the more you can get out at a time the better.









Da Nang.

Quy Nhon.

Nha Trang.

Phan Thiet.

Ho Chi Minh City.