North Thailand has a mixture of everything from busy Bangkok to peaceful Pai. We found it extremely easy to travel around and very safe. In most places there are people who can speak a little bit of English to help you get by, but if not you have your translator on your phone! Heres our tips and tricks to make it easy for you when travelling Thailand:

  • Avoid tuk-tuk – They tend to be a novelty, a taxi is normally cheaper and they don’t seem to like to barter the price.
  • Get an AIS SIM card – It was extremely reliable with network, reasonably priced and even when you run out of data they let you use slow speed data for no extra cost!
  • Have a look at train times – Depending on where you are the trains can be limited to one or two per day. So if you miss one you may be waiting a few hours for the next!
  • When bartering always start off half – Make sure you go half of what they ask for and always give them the last price as a sign of respect.
  • Look up festivals – We have ended up being in Thailand for some great festivals by chance. The only problem is everywhere is over priced or extremely busy. If you don’t mind it being extremely busy, then go and enjoy the festivals! If crowds aren’t your thing, quickly research before you head somewhere.
  • Always use the meter in a taxi – When using taxi’s in Thailand, most of them are metered but the driver will give you a fixed price which is normally considerably more, therefore always ask them to put the meter on.









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