Malaysia is totally different to any other South East Asian country we have visited. Its built up and not as backpacking friendly endless you stick to the main route. (K.L, Taman Negara, Cameron Highlands, Penang ect.) It has many influences from British, Chinese and Indian that the local food is so diverse. The locals are all really friendly and most of them speak great English so it is easy to travel around. Heres our top tips for Malaysia :

  • Download ‘Grab’ – It’s the easiest way to get around Malaysia and its extremely cheap, you can also accumulate points to redeem off rides or meals out and its normally cheaper than ‘Uber’.
  • Check the weather – The west coast and the east coast of Malaysia tend to have slightly different monsoon seasons so if your going to dive on the east coast you can’t really do this until after April.
  • Check out the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands – the landscape around the tea plantations is beautiful and the weather is cooler and not as sticky as the rest of Malaysia.
  • Be careful of Leeches in the jungle – they can be out in force especially in the monsoon season or after rainfall.
  • Get a ‘Hot Link’ SIM card – we regret not getting one! We got a U Mobile SIM card and hardly got 4G anywhere!
  • If you’re in a couple check out hotels – We found throughout Malaysia it was cheaper for us to get a room in a hotel then two beds in a dorm. In KL when we paid £25 a night for a 4* hotel with a rooftop infinity pool !


10 days/10 nights in Penang – Stayed at Leila’s uncles, we would recommend 5 days for Penang but due to visiting family we stayed longer!

1 day/1 night in Ipoh – Stayed at Hotel Mornington, modern and clean but totally out of the city.

3 day/2 nights in Cameron Highlands – stayed at Copethorn Resort, it was over priced for the hotel room you get but they have a gym and a swimming pool if you want the luxury of this, its out-of-town though so be prepared to pay over the ads for food or 30 ringet each way for a taxi into a town.

3 days/2 nights in Tamera Neraga – Stayed at Danz Eco Lodge in a capsule, it was lovely to be with nature and they do a free shuttle into town but there is alot more accoadation in the town of Kuala Tahan.

4 days/4 nights in Kuala Lumpa – Stayed in D’Majestic Hotel, lovely clean rooms with a rooftop infinity pool and gym overlooking the twin towers!


Cameron Highlands.

Kuala Tahan.

Kuala Lumpur.