Laos is a beautiful place and incredibly cheap! The food is great and the people are so helpful and friendly. It’s also not as commercial as other South East Asian countries. Which is great as you get to see the true ethnicity of the country and experience how native people live. It’s fairly easy to travel but there are not as many people who speak English, so make sure you learn a bit of Laos or have your translator ready! Here are some tips to make your life a bit easier!

  • Make sure you have cash on you – In Laos it is rare to find places that accept card. ATMs are about but some have a small withdrawal limit.
  • Never sit at the back of a mini van – The drivers are crazy and the roads are bumpy. The back two seats are squished and if you sit there your be thrown about everywhere due to being on the wheel arch.
  • Get a Laos pancake – Laos pancakes are cooked slightly different to your normal crepe or American pancake. There crispy on the outside and normally covered in condensed milk.
  • Be careful when hiring a scooter – Roads in Laos aren’t well maintained and the scooters tend to be a bit ropy. We hired a couple, one of which felt like it was going to fall to pieces every bump in the road we went across!