Gili Islands.

We broke up our time in Bali with a trip to the Gili Islands. We thought we would see what each island had to offer. Gili Air had a relaxed vibe, with a few parties here and there, but rivalled Gili T in terms of food. Gili T is how everyone explains, touristy, party central and the Aussies Malia! Gili Meno was peaceful, its definitely the island suited more to couples, its peaceful and we had a great villa here, there’s a couple of nice places to eat but there mainly linked to a hotel. Enjoy the freedom vibe of the Gili islands where your find no police, just happy people. Here are our tips for the Gli’s:

  • Don’t bother with the snorkelling trip! – Whatever island you end up staying on, you will be offered the trip for around 100,00Rp PP. We decided to give it a whirl for something to do but after five minutes we regretted it! They packed our boat with twenty people and when we turned up at the first snorkelling site there was about five boats with twenty people on! As soon as you’re in the water you’re getting kicked in the face, you panic because you can’t see your boat and it’s just not enjoyable!
  • Check out all three islands if you have time – Although the islands are so close together, each one feels totally different, our favourite island has to be Gili Air as it has great food, bars but nowhere near as hectic as Gili T, although your accommodation in Gili Meno was spectacular.
  • Make sure you have high factor suncream – We were wearing factor 50, 8hr protection and we still got burnt, your very closed to the equator here and the sun is extremely hot!
  • Enjoy a joint or two – You can buy marijuana from most bars or we can guarantee you will just be offered it as your walking around, it’s very safe to smoke as there are no police but it is expensive and the quality isn’t that great.


4 days/3 nights in Gili Air – We stayed at GLD White Bungalows, a stones throw from the beach with beautiful air-conditioned rooms. They were 500,000 Rp a night.

3 days/3 nights in Gili T – We stayed at Puri Hondje, lovely room with a small shared pool, great breakfast, far away from the main strip its quiet but close enough to walk in,  260,000 Rp a night.

5 days/4 nights in Gili Meno – We stayed at Ottalia Villas, booked on Air B&B, we had our own villa with private pool for £29 a night it was bliss!

Gili Air.