Get Insured.

It can be hard work to research and decide what insurance to go for as it took us a while to find. We ended up completing it last-minute so would like to help you by making your life easier and provide you with one of the travel insurance companies we went for which is ‘Outbacker Insurance Platinum’. The two of us found that these suited us best because they covered most of the activities we wanted to do over our year. Travelsupermarket is great to use so that you can compare and narrow down a few different insurances. For us, Outbacker Insurance seemed to be the best value for money. It covers you for things like; driving a scooter, certain electrical equipment, stolen cash and
 It also covers loss of money, medical expenses up to 10,000 and covers many activities (bungee jumping, sailing, tubing, scuba diving being a few). All for £430.24 for the both of us! Compared to other insurance companies we found that this was a bargain, especially when we was asked when booking our flights if we wanted insurance with STA and their middle range insurance was around £800 each!! Their selling point is that you can talk to an English doctor anytime you need to. I don’t know about you but for an extra £1170 I’d rather use a translator app that’s free. It really pays to shop around and have a quick browse at the policy details.
Make sure you’re covered for:
  • Medical at least 10,000 (we forget with NHS that when abroad you have to pay for every needle, bandage, crutches, bed etc)
  • Loss of baggage
  • Loss of money
  • activities you really want to do (if you decided to do others while away you can amend the policy to add these normally at an extra cost)
  • Driving a scooter (because if you are comfortable driving one you will most likely hire one around 125cc)
 Also, the last thing to double-check is the amount of excess you have to pay as you may be saving £100 on your insurance but it might cost you £200 to be able to claim and the insurance that is £100 more might only cost you £50 to claim!
 One last thing.. MAKE SURE YOU ARE INSURED! We never think anything is going to happen to us but just incase it does you will be thanking yourself later on that you took some time out to make sure you had travel insurance!