Family, Friends and Flying.

Leaving friends, family (& flying in Harry’s case) is one of the hardest parts when leaving home for a while. Both of us made sure that we finished work a week before we went away so that we could spend quality time with our favourite people! Definitely a good idea if travelling for a long time! Even throw yourself a massive party, it’s the perfect excuse for it!

Lucky for Leila, her mum and brother were coming for the first leg of our trip. With Harry’s anxiety of flying, his stomach was turning in circles but he wouldn’t miss this trip for the world! We checked into our flight and spent as long as we could before going through security. We spent the time with family and friends chatting and joking but then it was a case of if we don’t go now, we’re staying in England!


The last few hours at the airport are definitely emotional ones, so make the most of it! The good thing was because we was so mixed up in saying goodbye to our loved ones Harry’s fear of flying had been forgotten about until we got to security! He quickly took his diazepam, we captured a few selfies on the plane and off we flew to our first stop, Delhi!


Although saying goodbye to loved ones was hard we’re so lucky today with smartphones! With the use of ‘WhatsApp’ and other similar Apps its easy to message people without being charged ridiculous amounts no matter the time difference! Also, if you get a local sim or connect to wi-fi that will save you lots of money too! Group messages are a good idea because then you can send one quick message and it keeps everyone happy! If you’re loving life so much, can’t find the time to message and don’t mind your mum stalking you just allow your loved ones to follow you in the ‘Find Friends’ App so they know roughly where you are in the world! (Although Leila’s mum likes to still ask us most days what we’re up to even though we know she’s probably stalking us a lot of the time!)

Leila likes to carry a couple of Polaroid pictures of loved ones, for days you feel a bit home sick and remember what great friends and family you have! (This is a good idea because its nice to come across these pictures every now and again as it always brings memories and a smile.)