Although we only had two weeks in Cambodia we managed to cover the main areas. From the historical Angkor Watt, to the amazing white beaches on Koh Rong, staying in a national park in Kep and visiting busy Phnom Phen! Cambodia has it all, we spent the two weeks here with Leila’s friends from England. It was a great place but can be expensive as they mainly accept dollars! Here’s out tips for Cambodia:

  • Make sure you have dollars – Especially in the touristy places of Cambodia as everything is paid in dollars, this makes things more expensive so don’t spend long in these areas
  • On the Koh Rong islands there are no card payments or ATMs – make sure you withdraw enough cash to last you although Mad Monkey Hostel will give you an advance with a hefty 10% fee though! (Borrow $100 Pay $110 back)
  • Give mad monkey hostel’s a go – It is a great place to meet people, have amazing food and there’s always something happening. Bring your ear plugs if you want to go to bed early though!
  • Have an amok curry – this local dish is amazing, normally served with white fish. It’s incredibly tasty!
  • Catch a sleeper bus – Double check when you get a sleeper bus in Cambodia as you may end up with a chair that doesn’t recline the whole way instead of full recline bed.

Siem Reap.

Koh Rong.


Phnom Penh.