Buying a Scooter/Motorbike in Vietnam.

When looking to hire a scooter/motorbike we recommend browsing on Facebook first. If you type into the search bar your location and what you’re looking for, e.g. Vietnam scooter you will most likely get other foreigners selling or buying scooters. This would probably be the cheapest option as they will try to sell it prior to them leaving the country so any money is better than no money! Also, you could always just turn up at a hostel you may be staying at as they might be selling bikes for people who have previously stayed there.

Another alternative if you have no luck is to find a dealership/garage selling bikes. Heres our tips of what to look out for:

  • Make sure the bike starts first time. (If the bike has trouble starting there’s normally an electrical fault)
  • Check the tyre tred. (The more you have to replace the lower the price should be for the bike, you also don’t want to be skidding everywhere!)
  • Make sure there is no leaks. (This could be a costly and time-consuming problem)
  • Check that the breaks work well. (There’s a lot of bumpy roads and people pull out of no where, you need good brakes!)
  • Make sure the front tire is inline with the suspension pegs. (If it is off-balance you may have a costly repair coming your way or an accident!)
  • Make sure your speedometer and petrol gauge is working. (You don’t want to be running out of fuel anywhere!)
  • Get a luggage rack fitted for your back pack. (Make your life easy!)
  • Get a good helmet. (It could save your life)

We paid $300 for our bike, its a 150cc Yamaha Nouvo and we managed to ride over 2500km on it without a problem. We only had one issue in Sa Pa when we had it jet washed, but it just needed some sunshine and we were good to go again! We brought ours from ‘Vietnam Motorbike’, (31 Phuc Tan Street, Old Quarter) here the owner Tony had a garage full of second-hand bikes and scooters and we had a test drive on a few, he also threw in four bungees, two helmets, a phone rack and a luggage rack!