There’s lots to do in Bali from surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking and eating amazing food. The Aussie influence is definitely present but this has developed Bali to have amazing food, great shops and easy to travel (be careful of your bank balance). You can stay in some amazing places for around £10 a night for a double room. We debated for ages if we were even going to Bali due to mixed opinions of the place but we decided to give it a whirl, after spending time there we recommend everyone to visit! Here’s some tips for Bali;

  • Download our favourite app ‘Grab’ – Taxis are ridiculously over priced in Bali and there wasn’t many buses we could take, so for long journeys ‘Grab’ was our saviour!
  • Eat, eat and eat! – After being in Borneo and having unhealthy food most of the time we couldn’t wait to eat fresh, healthy food in Bali.
  • Do some yoga – There are many yoga retreats to choose from, ranging in price and length of stay, we chose to spend our time in Ubud at ‘Om Ham Yoga Retreat’
  • Don’t listen to your weather app – Most of the time it predicts rain, which wasn’t true in our case!
  • Check out Air B&B – Theres so many amazing places to stay on Air B&B in Bali, reasonably priced too!
  • Relax – Bali is the destination for relaxation, from beaches to rice fields, spas or yoga retreats, it’s a great place for me time. So put down that phone, pick up that book and relax.


3 days/3 nights in Seminyak – We stayed at ‘Ibis Bali Legian Street’. The rooms were extremely clean and comfy, they have a lovely rooftop pool and it is close to Kuta or Seminyak. It was only 450,000 Rp per night for a double room.

3 days/2 nights in Sanur – We stayed at Abyan Guest House, lovely rooms, a five-minute walk into Sanur. The rooms were 308,000 Rp a night.