We stopped off at Mulu caves on the way to Miri. The bus cost 10RM from the crossroads to the caves and then it costs 30RM per car to the National Park. Here you can stay but we decided we wanted to stay in Miri so they kindly stored our bags for us as we walked around the park but we had to be back by 5pm to collect them. When we returned they ordered a taxi back to the bus stand for 30RM and the bus was waiting when we got there! It cost us 10RM to get the bus from caves to Miri.

In Miri we stayed two nights at Nova hotel. It was very clean, comfy and reasonably priced at 80RM a night, this price was through Agoda as it was cheaper than the hotels price!

Top 5 Places to Eat in Miri

  • Bonzer Restaurant – This restaurant is easy to walk past but the food is delicious and so cheap! They have a set menu for lunch at dinner for 15RM for two courses!
  • Piato Bistro – A bit out of the way, but that’s what ‘Grab’ is for! They serve amazing breakfast.
  • Container City – Each container is an individual food outlet and if your lucky there be a live music to.
  • Biryani Art – Great Indian food, vegetrian and vegan friendly.
  • Han Palace Restaurant – Great dim sum.


Top 5 Things to do in Miri

  • Niah Caves – You can stop off on the way to Miri like we did or take a day trip from Miri but make sure you head here, Its holds some of the oldest cave paintings in the world!
  • Tusan Cliff Beach – Beautiful landscape, be cautious for crocodiles though!
  • Pinnacles Trail – We didn’t venture on this one as we were running out of time in borneo but it looks good, a five day hike into Mulu national park, not the easiest of hikes though.
  • Lambir Hills National Park – A lovel place to walk with a beautiful waterfall.
  • Escape Room – Located in the malls, if your unsure what to do in the evening and there s a group of you escape rooms are good fun.


Our Tips For Miri

  • Book your onward travel – If your planing on taking the bus to your next destination plan ahead as all buses to Kota Kinablu were booked up for one week!
  • Have a couple of days here – There are a few national parks located closed to Miri so its worth having a couple of days here to explore them.
  • Take a walk to the beach – Theres nothing more relaxing than a walk along the beach.

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