Kuala Tahan.

We got transport from Cameron Highlands and headed to the jungle in the national park of Taman Negara. From the Cameron Highlands you get a mini bus for three hours and then a two-hour boat ride to the town of Kuala Tahan. The boat ride is lovely and if your lucky there will be some wildlife along the way. We booked to stay at ‘Danz Eco Resort’ on ‘Agoda’, their driver met us where the boat dropped us off and took us to the booking office to pay for our stay. Once we paid he took us to the resort where we checked into our capsule. The resort is nice if you love nature but your over 2km out-of-town so you have to wait for a car to pick you up if you want to go into town for food. They also organise tours but there is a lot of accommodation in the town and booking offices!


Top Things 5 to do in Kuala Tahan

  • Night Safari – Best way to see the animals around the jungle and there are lots of tour operators in the town you can book this through, we paid 40 RM for ours.
  • Canopy Walk – The longest canopy walk in Asia is situated in Taman Negara, it only costs 5 RM each to go on!
  • Jungle Trek – We picked up a map from the park office and went on our own trek for around four hours, it was easy to follow the paths but be careful for leeches and make sure you have enough water and a few snacks! You can also pay to go on an organised tour as well.
  • Stay in a Cave – You can book this through most tour operators, we weren’t brave enough for this one but it looks pretty cool if you don’t mind staying with the jungle critters!
  • Rapid Shooting – We didn’t have enough time for this one but it looked great fun, a bit like white water rafting just tamer!

5 Places to Eat in Kuala Tahan

  • Seri Mutiara Restaurant – The food here is amazing, its averaged priced we had a main and dessert for 100 RM but its the best you’ll get in the town!
  • Taman Negara Floating restaurant – The food here is pretty average but it’s really cheap, if in doubt get a pancake there tasty! In the evening there’s also a little BBQ stall that serves chicken satay and corn.
  • Family Restaurant – Very similar to Taman Negara restaurant but has bit more options to choose from.
  • Mama Chop – Nice Pancakes, don’t expect a lot else though!
  • Kedai Makan Sarapan Pagi – Great roti for breakfast!

Our Tips for Kuala Tahan

  • Bring mosquito repellent, we recommend ‘OFF!’– There are a lot of hungry mosquitoes in the jungle!
  • Bring light long trousers, a long sleeve top and long socks– If it has rained the leeches are our in force the more covered up you are the better!
  • Bring a head touch – Useful when your walking around in the evening especially if you do a night tour.
  • Do the night safari or walking tour – You will see most animals in the evening although there mainly high up in the trees!

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