Cameron Highlands.

From Penang we got a lift to Ipoh with Leila’s uncles friend but there wasn’t a lot in this town at all. We used it as a gateway to get to the Cameron Highlands and left early the next morning. It took an hour from Ipoh to the Cameron Highlands and only cost 87RM with a ‘Grab’! Make sure you stay in the main town of the Cameron Highlands as its expensive to get around, a scooter was 100RM for the day and a taxi was 25RM per ride! We ended up doing all the sites with a tour as this seemed to be the most reasonable way to do it. It also means it’s all done in one day so you can easily move onto your next destination if you want to. We ended up staying at ‘Copethorne Resort’ as it was only £25 a night and had a swimming pool but we regretted it due to it being out-of-the-way of town and we didn’t have a car or scooter to use, the rooms were also not that great.


5 Top Things to do in the Cameron Highlands

  • Boh Tea Plantations – The scenery here is amazing, make sure you stop for a cup of tea and a cake at the tea house to!
  • Mossy Forest–  The pathway is very clear, if your lucky your guide will show you all the different plants and you can hear gibbons calling each other in the trees! Here is also the highest point in the Cameron Highlands at 2030m.
  • Butterfly Farm– 7 rings entry to get in but it’s normally a stop on the tour.
  • Strawberry picking – there are loads of places to do this, just turn up and pick a pullet of strawberries!
  • Go on a trek – If your feeling energetic there is ten trails you can follow all for different levels of fitness your hostel or hotel will be able to recommend one for you.

5 Places to eat in the Cameron Highlands

Tips for Cameron Highlands

  • Do a tour – This is the cheapest and easiest way to see the sights Cameron Highlands has to offer.
  • Stay in the town – You have more of a choice of restaurants so it makes your stay cheaper.
  • Bring a jumper – In the evening the temperature can be a lot colder than the rest of Malaysia!


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