Ko Lanta.

We arrived in Ko Lanta on an hours ferry from Phi Phi. We had a look online at three different places to stay and decided we wanted to be close to the beach as our time in Thailand was coming to an end. Luckily all the hotels were close to each other so we managed to get a tuk-tuk to take us to all of them to see what one we wanted to stay at. First we looked at ‘Lantern New Beach Resort’ this one had a pool and was on the beach but they wanted 3,000 Baht for a triple room, this was over our budget so we decided to look at ‘Pinky’s Resort’ they wanted 3,500 Bhat for the triple room but it was only available for one night, this was too expensive as well so we headed to ‘Bali Bungalows’ this had no pool but was on the beach, they gave us a discount and we got two rooms for 2,500 Baht, our tuk-tuk driver was a bit fed up so we decided to book one night, drop our bags off and then go for a walk along the beach. A bit further down the beach we came across ‘Freedom Bar’, here we had lunch and noticed they had a pool in the resort. We decided to ask them how much their rooms were, we could have our own bungalow with three beds here for 2,000 Baht, this was cheaper than where we was staying and it had a pool! We decided to book into the resort for the rest of our stay. We went back to ‘Bali Bungalows’ for a shower which was basically a trickle of cold water and then headed out for something to eat. We stopped along one of the beach restaurants and then walked to ‘Cigar bar’ for the evening. This is a reggae bar and luckily for us they had a live band that evening. Here you can buy joints, have great cocktails and listen to good music. We spent most of the evening here until the band had finished, then headed back along the beach to bed.


The next morning we checked out of ‘Bali Bungalows’ and headed to ‘Rivera Resort’ to check into our new home for the next few days. Luckily when we arrived our room was ready so we dumped our bags there and walked to the restaurant for some breakfast. Once we had finished we headed to the main road as we needed to book our onward travel for the 10th February as our visa finished then. Daisy would be flying to Bali and we were off to see Leila’s uncle in Malaysia for Chinese New Year. The rest of the day we spent relaxing on the beach and watching the sunset.

When we woke up the next morning we decided to find out if we could hire a jeep somewhere like we did in Ko Phangan. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible and they only had cars available for 1500 Baht a day! We decided to hire scooters for a couple of days for 300 Baht each scooter! We had something to eat at the resort and then drove towards Koh Lanta old town. On the way we found a view-point restaurant so we pulled over to have a look. The view was amazing, we just stopped for a drink though as we had just eaten. In the car park Harry found a kitten that was so cute and Daisy was laughing at us because where ever we go where there are cats or dogs we always full in love with them and want to take them home. After finally saying goodbye to the cat we continued our journey to the old town.

The old town was full of restaurants and gift shops. We had a nose around and brought a couple of things before driving around the island towards the port. Just before we got to the port we noticed a local market was on, we decided to park up and have a walk around. It was only a food market but it was good to go and have a nose and we ended up purchasing some passionfruit! We left and headed towards a place we had found on trip advisor called ‘eco village’. We decided to go here because Daisy wanted to get some pois and on Trip Advisor it said you could practice them there. We drove up and down the road for about fifteen minutes until we decided to pull over at a hostel to ask them where it was. The owner laughed at us and said that it used to be there but that was two years ago! He told us to head back towards the port though as there is a market stall that sells them there. Luckily for us we didn’t have to drive the whole way back as Leila managed to spot some in a shop on the drive up. We parked up so Daisy could purchase some and then we all walked a bit further up the road for a pad thai at one of the stalls.

Once we finished eating our pad thai we headed back to our resort to relax for the evening. Harry chilled out at freedom bar while Leila and Daisy walked off to find somewhere to have a massage. There were many shops along the road but most of them looked seedy or looked like you were having a massage in their living room so they walked along the beach instead and ended up at one by our resort next to freedom bar. They both had a full body massage but it wasn’t as relaxing as everyone could see you while you took your clothes off to have it done, there was also someone who was drunk or on shrooms shouting every five minutes ‘thai massage, oil massage’ in a whiny voice! The massage was slightly painful but to be fair they got all of our knots out, so it was worth the pain! Afterwards we headed to bed although Daisy got peckish and strolled up the beach in search of food. She ended up in ‘Mushroom Bar’ where they had a stand next door where they were selling rotis and he dished her one up with chicken in. She messaged us to tell us how good it was so we asked her to bring us one back and we had a bit of a feast!

The next morning Leila and Harry got up early and headed to ‘Lanta Animal Welfare’. This is a great place that rescues, treats and sterilise street dogs and cats. You can hang out in their cat cafe, take a dog for a walk (if you head there early around 8:30am) or join in with one of the tours of the centre. It’s amazingly done and you can see how much hard work goes into looking out for the animals. We wanted to walk a dog but unfortunately we were a bit late so we joined in with the tour instead and hung out in the cat cafe. After a couple of hours there we headed back to pick up Daisy to go to ‘Bamboo Beach’.


It took us around half an hour to reach ‘Bamboo Beach’ but it was worth the journey! You have to turn off down a bumpy dirt track but once you reach the end it’s beautiful. It’s a white sand dreamy beach with hardly anybody on it! We stopped off for an ice cream then set up where we were going to sit for the day. It was so hot though we all ran straight into the sea! We spent a couple of hours on the beach, had some lunch and then headed back to the resort. On the way back we noticed some elephants so we decided to stop off and feed them. There was a baby of a year and a half and it’s mother, both seemed very happy and it was 100 Baht to feed them.

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We reached the resort and all had a shower before relaxing and having dinner at the resort, Harry relaxed in ‘Freedom Bar’ and Leila and Daisy headed to ‘Mushroom Bar’ to have a couple of beers and watch the sunset. We got chatting to a few people and Harry joined us later on. They were headed to a jungle party but after doing so much in the day we decided that having a chilled evening was going to suit us better!


The following morning we gave the scooters back as we decided to have our last day relaxing by the pool and around the resort. It was our last day all together as we were leaving for Penang early in the morning and Daisy was off to Bali for a yoga retreat. Once the sun had set, we got ready and headed to ‘Kunda Vegan Restaurant’ for dinner. Unfortunately by the time we got there they were just closing so we had a look online for somewhere ‘healthy’ to eat. We came across ‘NINOX’ and decided to give it a go. The food here was great and the staff were very helpful. It was reasonably priced too. Once we had eaten we headed back to freedom bar to have a beer and wait for our friends that we had met in Ko Phangan to arrive from Krabi.


They came to meet us around 8pm and we all headed to mushroom bar to give the mushroom shakes a go. They definitely were not the most tastiest drink and they were probably the most expensive drink we had in Thailand at 800 Baht each! Once they started to kick in we all had a wonder up the beach. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be on mushrooms but the only way we can describe it is that everything is hilarious, everything is really bright or looks like a hologram. Every experience we have had on them has been positive but our minds have been in good places, we’ve been with good people and we haven’t gone over the top with the amount we have taken. We shared two shakes between three of us and this seems to be enough.


After a walk up the beach we headed to a resort where they had a fire show which we all admired. We then enjoyed the music that the DJ was playing and had a little dance. While we were there we met the people we had met in ‘Mushroom Bar’ the night before who happens to be staying at our friends hostel. They had a shake and walked with us up the beach to freedom bar. By the time we got here it was 2am and everyone was getting tired, we walked our friends to get a tuk-tuk out the front, went back to the room to pack our last bits before getting a couple of hours sleep. Daisy was up three hours later at 5am to get her taxi to the airport, so we said good-bye, and went back to sleep for a couple more hours before getting our bus to Penang at 8am.

Tip: Rent scooters or a car for your stay in Ko Lanta and explore the island, you can tend to barter the price if your having them for more than one day.


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