Phi Phi.

We arrived in Phi Phi not knowing where we were going to stay. As we were walking along the pier we were inundated with hotels, we had a look online perviously and found a couple we liked the look of. One was ‘Ibiza House’ where we would stay in a dorm, it was right on the beach but the reviews said there would be loud pool parties and the other was ‘Phi Phi View Point Resort’ here we could have a triple room/bungalow with en-suite bathroom and infinity pool but a walk away from the beach. We stopped off in an office to the side of the pier, here they recommended ‘Phi Phi View Point Resort’ as they said that ‘Ibiza House’ the dorms are nice but the pool which is there is available for anyone to use for the pool parties. The lady booked us in and then organised for a ‘taxi’ to take us to the resort. The taxi was literally a large wheel barrow for your bags. There are no roads in Phi Phi or vehicles, everything is in walking distance. To be honest it was quite nice not to worry about scooters running you over for once in Asia!


After a fifteen minute walk we arrived at the resort. They checked us into our room and immediately we knew we had made the right choice. Hostels are fun but sometimes you just need your own space. Leila and Harry walked off to get some lunch at ‘Rock Restaurant’ while Daisy relaxed by the pool. The food was medi-oca, we wouldn’t go back, lets put it that way! Once we had eaten we joined Daisy by the pool with a Leo until the sun started to set. That evening the music from the beach seemed to be getting louder so we decided to take a walk along the sand. We walked past ‘Ibiza house’, this is where most of the music was coming from. It was like Phi Phi’s own ‘Jet Apartments’ if you have ever been to Ibiza. Good for a few hours but we were so glad we didn’t choose to stay there! The pool was packed and the dorms were directly above with large windows so everyone can see in. Daisy fancied an Italian for dinner so we found ‘Italiano’ on trip advisor and started to walk towards it. On the way we came across ‘ACQUA Restaurant’, here a lady was sitting outside with food that looked amazing. We continued to walk to ‘Italiano’ but once we got there we all decided the food at ‘ACQUA’ looked too good to resist so we all turned back and headed there. Our eyes didn’t lie, the food here was great and they even had ‘Pimm’s’! We paid for the bill and headed to ‘Dojo Bar’ so Harry could watch the Crystal Palace football game. We had a few drinks and a game of pool and then headed to ‘Reggae Bar’. Although it wasn’t a Reggae bar it was a Maui Thai boxing arena, so we walked to ‘Banana Bar’ instead. Here they have loads of beer pong tables, a great bar, good music and you can buy joints here if you wish. We spent half an hour here and then headed back to our bungalow.

The next morning we headed to ‘Cosmic Restaurant’ for brunch. Here the food was nice and afterwards we decided that you can’t go to Phi Phi without seeing ‘Maya Bay’ so we organised for a private boat taxi to take us there and around to the other islands. It cost us 1800 Baht to have the boat for three hours. We left at 3.30pm so we would have the boat while the sun set. First we headed to monkey beach but due to the tide being so high the monkey’s had disappeared, we then headed to an area to snorkel and we managed to see so many different fish including a barracuda, clown fish and a sword fish. We were there for around thirty minutes and then headed to ‘Maya Bay’ here you have to pay 400 Baht each just to go onto the beach, its bit of a rip off but they know people will pay it, Here we relaxed, had a magnum and played some bat and ball. We left ‘Maya Bay’ around 6pm to watch the sunset which was lovely and then we headed back to the pier. The sea was so rough and we got soaked but it was a good laugh. Harry had arranged to get another tattoo that evening so he went to ‘Skull Tattoo’ to get started while Leila and Daisy went back to have a shower before getting ready for dinner.


At around 8pm Leila and Daisy headed to the tattoo shop to see how Harry was getting on, he still had bit of shading to do so they decided to go for dinner and for Harry to meet them once he had finished. Leila and Daisy planned to go to ‘Army Kaffeine’ for dinner but when they found it, it was closed! So due to the meal being amazing the night before they headed back to ‘ACQUA’. They ordered and Harry rung to say he was on his way so they ordered for him. Leila and Harry had the duck and Daisy had the steak and it was probably one of the best meals we had eaten for a long time! Daisy and Leila even had pudding and afterwards we all headed back to ‘Banana Bar’. We stayed there for a little while and then headed back to the bungalow as we had planned to leave for Koh Lanta at 9am the next morning.

Tip: Take a private boat out around Maya Bay if there are three or more of you, the excursions are over crowded and you get to see the same places! 



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