We started our journey from Ko Phangan by getting a four-hour boat journey to ‘Don Sak Pier’ and had to jump on a coach for another four hours just to get near to Krabi town! Once we eventually reached our destination we phoned our hotel/hostel to see if they could arrange a tuk-tuk, but once we told them where we were they said they couldn’t. This wasn’t new to us after travelling for so long because what they do is they will have a taxi company outside of town just so that you have to pay more money to get a taxi from there into town! It’s all a money-making scheme so when we asked for the tuk-tuk he said he’s not allowed to get involved. Anyway, we got dropped to ‘Amity Poshtel’. After being in a hostel in Ko Phangan for so long and partying we thought we would stay somewhere a bit nicer! Before any of us really had the chance to get ready, Harry’s cousin was knocking on the bedroom door! It wasn’t really planned, we just found out that his last day in Krabi was going to be our first! We told him the hostel we were staying at and he asked reception for our room and within 15 minutes of checking in he was at the door! It’s always a lovely surprise meeting family abroad! He was with his friend so Harry and Leila quickly got ready and we went out for a catch up and dinner! Because Harry’s cousin and his friend had rented a bike each we didn’t really want to go anyway too far so they shared one bike and Harry, Leila and Daisy jumped on another and drove down the road to a restaurant called, ‘Gecko Cabane’ which was really nice!  We sat there for a couple of hours, had a few drinks, a catch up and ate before driving back to our hostel. As it was fairly late we went our separate ways and decided to meet up for breakfast in the morning one last time before they had to catch their 17:00 flight to Bangkok. We had a very long day so we got up fairly late but Harry’s cousin and friend came to meet us for an hour while we had breakfast/lunch downstairs in the local restaurant. We wouldn’t recommend the food to anyone but it was just convenient for breakfast. We said our final goodbyes at the table as they had to return their bikes for 14:00 anyway and then the three of us decided to have a fairly chilled day. We booked a tour for the following day and our boat tickets to Phi Phi for the day after. We spent the rest of the day doing our washing, Leila took out Daisy’s dreads and in the evening we headed down to the local night market. We would recommend going there actually, there isn’t much to do in the area we was in so we never had much choice anyway! It’s only a five-minute walk from ‘Amity Poshtel’ and it’s a pretty decent market too. They have a lot of stalls set up selling all sorts of things and as you walk down the small strip you enter a huge square of food stalls with a few clothes shops round the outside which includes a big stage! There was a guy singing but he seemed pretty drunk and not very good at his job. We had our dinner and little shop/walk around then decided to head back for an early-ish night.


The next morning we had a slight lay in, had breakfast at the hostel and waited to be picked up at 12:00 to go onto our ‘7 islands’ tour. We got taxied to the port where we boarded the boat for the day. The first stop was for snorkelling around ‘Chicken Island’, the company has snorkels you can use for free but make sure you keep hold of them as they are vigilant to make sure they are returned! The next stop was to ‘Two Islands’ conjoined buy a shallow stretch of water. We were here for about forty-five minutes until heading back to the boat to go to the next island. This white sand island was beautiful, we had an hour of on here before we had to head to the next destination for sunset and dinner on the beach. The food was really nice and there was a lot of it, the sunset was beautiful and the beach we were on was owned by a private resort. We tried to get pudding in their restaurant but they refused us as it was only for hotel guests, we later learnt it was around £800 a night to stay there, as nice as the resort looked for that price I wouldn’t want loads of tours turning up every evening to watch the sunset! But then again I wouldn’t pay £800 a night to stay somewhere either! Our last stop of the tour was to snorkel with plankton, as we had done this in Cambodia previously we decided to sit this one out. We then headed back to the office for tea and a fire show before getting the taxi back to the hostel.

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 That evening we had a shower and headed out in search for pudding! We headed to the night market at around 22:00 and all the stalls were closing. We managed to get a little snack but we were unable to find the sweet food we wanted! We then wandered back to the hostel to have an early night as we had to be up at 07:30 the following morning to have enough time to have breakfast before being picked up to go to the port to catch our ferry to Phi Phi.

Tip: Stay in the area of ‘Ao Nang’ and NOT Krabi town, your have a lot more to do and places to go!


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