From Chiang Mai we boarded the sleeper train to Bangkok. At first we thought we were in for a great journey, brand new, clean train. A restaurant on board and lovely clean bedding. We had a snack in the restaurant, then at about 10.30pm all got into our beds and watched some Netflix. By about midnight we were all texting each other about the lights as they were still on and unfortunately never turned off! We managed to sleep by putting our scarves over our eyes but we were all incredibly grumpy when the guard woke us all up at 5:30am to take the beds down! We arrived in ‘Bang Sue Railway Station’ and jumped into a taxi back to ‘Bed to Bangkok’ to pick up some clothes we had forgotten. After picking them up we went back to the railway station to get a train to Koh Tao. When we got to the railway station we were told all tickets were sold out, we didn’t want to stay another night in Bangkok so we were determined to get there. We headed to ‘South Bus Terminal’ to find a bus to Koh Tao. When we arrived they only had a bus at 9pm, we decided to pull out the guide-book and find another route, there was a sign saying buses to ‘Chumphon’ in one hours time, the guide book said it was the port for the boat so we decided to get the next bus there, stay for the night then work out our way to Koh Tao. Our bus tickets cost us 350 Baht each and we had enough time to get some breakfast.


We boarded the bus welcomed with a packed lunch, water and a blanket! There was a toilet on board and it was quiet so we could spread ourselves out to be comfy. It took about eight hours to get to Chumphon with a stop for lunch along the way. We arrived just before sunset and headed to ‘Railway Hostel’ to find a bed to stay. It only cost 200 Baht a night for an air-conditioned dorm room and you could book ferry tickets at the hostel too. We headed to the night market for dinner and had an early night as we had booked the first ferry to Koh Tao the next day, which meant we had to get up at 5:30am!

We woke up the next morning all hazy eyed grabbed our bags and headed for the bus to the pier. We joined what we think was the night bus from Bangkok and we were thankful we didn’t get it! It had normal coach seats instead of beds so there was no way we were going to be sleeping on it! We got to the port around 6:30am and headed to the boat which left at 7:30am.

Tip: There isnt alot in Chumphon so just do a quick stop over before getting a ferry in the morning to one of the islands.



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