Back to Chiang Mai.

We arrived in Chiang Mai with Daisy in town after an hours flight from Bangkok. We collected our luggage and jumped straight into a taxi to ‘Hug hostel’. We checked in, had a shower and headed to ‘Ploen Ruedee Night Market’ unfortunately due to it being Sunday the market was shut, so we headed to Burger King for Harry, then off to ‘Zoe in Yellow’ for a few drinks. The bar shut at 12 and everyone started walking towards ’Spicy’, we decided to follow the crowd as we weren’t ready for bed yet! We just had to purchase a beer each and we were allowed entry. The club was busier than we expected but it was the only place open later than 12. We stayed there for an hour and a half until closing and then headed to bed.

The next day we woke up regretting how much we drank, ate some food and planned to go to Tiger Kingdom as Daisy really wanted to go. Leila was sceptical as you hear the horror stories of the tigers being mistreated and drugged but when we arrived we were amazed to see how they were just like large domestic cats! Leila decided she just wanted to see be baby tigers, Harry saw the big tiger and the babies and Daisy saw the white tiger and the babies. Harry went first we all watched and it was more terrifying than he thought! Then it was Daisy’s turn and you could tell she was more worried than she was letting on! Then we all went to the baby tigers, who were so adorable! After spending about 4 hours in there we came out to find our taxi had disappeared! Luckily there were more waiting around, we jumped into a taxi after making sure we had seen his licence and headed back to Chiang Mai. He was a comical guy and made our journey pleasant, he dropped us off at the ‘Le Meridian’ where we could walk to ‘Ploen Ruedee Night Market’. Here we enjoyed great food, Daisy tried her first oysters after years of wanting to try them and her face was a picture! Then Leila and Daisy had a browse around the market while Harry had his hair cut. Once Harry had finished he met up with Leila in town and they went back to the hostel while Daisy stayed at the market to enjoy the live music.

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The next morning we were up and ready by 9am to head to ‘Aya Services’. We made sure we were up early as we didn’t want a repeat of what happened the last time we were there. (See our last blog post on Chiang Mai!) This time as there were three of us Leila was riding a bike up to Pai as Daisy was going on the back of Harry’s bike. We got both our bikes, put our deposits down and we were on our way to our favourite place Pai!

Tip: Head out early as the bars are all shut by 1am!



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