Back to Bangkok.

We left Phnom Penh on a sleeper bus to Bangkok. We started our 16 hour journey off well. In comfortable clean beds watching Netflix. By 5am we got to the border of Thailand and were ushered off the bus, we thought this was because we were going through immigration and the bus would meet us the other side but we were wrong. We were told to collect our things as the bus can not go through the Thai border. We were ushered into a tiny office to fill out our departure cards and waited in line until 6am when the border opened. Once open we got our passports stamped and walked to the Thai immigration office. The Thai immigration office was definitely the smartest border control we have seen in Asia with the visa entry point looking like an airport. We got our stamps, walked through to the other side and then had to find our next bus. There was a guy in a green shirt from the company waving at us, he pointed us in the right direction and we got onto our mini bus. Unfortunately it wasn’t a sleeper bus but we made ourselves comfy for the four-hour journey to Bangkok.


We arrived in Bangkok in the middle of nowhere. Once we got our bearings, we found our way to the sky train and headed to our hostel. We had booked to stay in ‘Bed to Bangkok’ for two nights as it was very close to ‘Mo Chit Station’. It was also reasonably priced. We chucked our stuff into the room, had a quick shower and headed out for some food. We were unsure where to go so we decided to take Daisy back on the sky train to ‘Chong Nonsi Station’ to catch the ‘Chao Phraya Ferry’ up the river to Koh San Road. The boat got packed half way through the journey and we were getting very hungry so we decided to jump off at Chang Pier, walk through the market and jump in a taxi to Koh San Road. Here Daisy and Leila had a Pad Thai and Harry sat down at the Irish Bar for a yellow curry. We definitely missed the great food of Thailand!


After eating we took a walk up Koh San Road as they had a market on and Daisy really wanted to get dreads put in her hair. We found a stall that would put ten dreads and three plaits with feathers for 1400 baht. We knew she was going to take a while so we headed off to MBK Shopping Mall to get us three AIS SIM cards. We jumped in a taxi but regretted it straight away! The traffic was so bad but finally we made it to the mall. We found an AIS sim for 800 baht each for 15GB data, some minutes and texts for thirty days. We brought three, luckily took Daisy’s phone with us so the lady could set hers up and then headed back to Koh San Road to meet Daisy. Due to Koh San Road being so touristy and it being rush hour no Taxi would put their meter on, they all wanted around 300 baht! We found a tuk tuk that would do it for 200 so we jumped in and we’re off on our way. We got back to Daisy just in time for her hair to be finished and planned to meet Sammi and Aprille in China Town. We met at the hotel they were staying at. We then walked up the road to ‘Playhouse Magical Cabaret’ as the girls wanted to watch a ladyboy show. They done some research online and this show was the second best in Bangkok.


We arrived at the door of the hotel, as we were there forty-five minutes before show time they were selling tickets on the door discounted, we got ours for 600 baht each, 400 less than the price online. We had a drink in the bar and then headed up to the sixth floor for the show. It was the opposite to anything we assumed it was going to be. It was more of a theatre/pantomime production, it was good to watch but I wouldn’t rush back in a hurry. They were miming to songs, there was a bit of magic and lots of dancing. It finished around 11pm, we jumped in a taxi and headed back to our hotel/hostels.

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The next day Sammi and Aprille decided to chill by their pool and the rest of us decided to go to ‘Dusit Zoo’. We ordered ‘Grab’ to come and collect us and take us to the zoo. We arrived and although foreigners have to pay extra, it only cost us 150 baht. When we entered we were impressed by the quality of the zoo. After being to a few Asian zoos we didn’t expect a lot from it but it was just like an English zoo. We paid an extra 20 baht each to watch the African show, which is five men from Kenya dancing and doing acrobatics. We also paid an extra 50 baht each to watch the seal show, but make sure you get your tickets early for this show as it gets really busy! We had only planned to stay here a couple of hours but ended up here for the whole day. The best part was that we got to feed a hippo! At 2pm on weekends or public holidays the keeper cuts up fresh fruit and vegetables, the hippo comes to the side and opens her mouth and all the visitors pick up the food and launch it into the hippies mouth. There’s no where else I know you can do this! So definitely go to the zoo on the weekend so you can experience this!

After the zoo we took the sky train to ‘Siam station’ to the ‘Siam Paragon Shopping Mall’ here they had a Harry Potter experience available until 2nd March. It’s free to go to and good fun. You can go into Ollivander’s and pick out a wand too. From there we caught the sky train to ‘Ploen Chit’ for one last meal with Sammi and Aprille at ‘Adlib Hotel’ before they headed to the airport home. The food was great here but the service took a while. We said good-bye as the girls jumped into the taxi and then the three of us headed back to the sky train to our hostel.


The next morning we had planned to meet Leila’s friend Olive and head to ‘Bang Kachao’. This is a great day out from the madness of Bangkok. We got the ferry from ‘Wat Yothin Pradit’ for the price of 4 baht each! We all hired a push bike each for 50 Baht and cycled to the floating market first, then to ‘Bang Kachao park’, there are signs everywhere to direct you so you can’t get lost! The park was beautiful, with a lake in the middle of it. By the time we reached the park we were running out of time as it was 3:30pm and we had to be at the airport by 5pm latest to get a flight to Chiang Mai! We had a quick cycle around the park and then hurried back to get the boat back over the river. Jumped on a bus to the end of the road, quickly said goodbye to Leila’s friend Olive then jumped in a taxi back to the hostel to get our luggage, then to ‘Don Mueang Airport’. The roads were chaotic due to rush hour and the minutes just kept ticking by. Luckily we managed to chuck the money at the taxi driver and run to the baggage desk with two minutes before bag drop closed! We then had to run through security and made it in time to quickly get a Burger King before boarding the flight!

Tip: Make sure you spend a day at ‘Bang Kachao Park’ and rent a bike its a great escape from the city and a hidden gem!


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