Koh Rong/Koh Rong Samloem.

We arrived in Sihanoukville at around 7am off the night bus, from here we jumped in a tuk-tuk to take us to the ticket office and then the pier to catch the speed ferry to Koh Rong. We had a quick stop off at an ATM before leaving as you can’t use card at all on the islands. Making sure we had enough for 4 days we headed for the ferry. It was spacious and a smooth ride to Koh Rong and after one hour we reached the island. We had a browse on Booking.com before leaving at places to stay but we also had a quick look around to see what the accommodation was like. The main port had great restaurants and things going on but the beach wasn’t that great so we decided to head to ‘Nature Beach’ somewhere we found on Booking.com. At the main pier they offer a free boat to the resort, after having breakfast we got on the boat which took thirty minutes to nature beach.


When we arrived they told us they had sold out of the beach huts and only had bamboo huts. We had a look at them but they were just a mat on the floor and due to the heat they were like an oven! We said we didn’t want the bamboo huts but we were annoyed as on the phone they told us there was beach huts available. They had a little talk between them and then showed us to the large house behind the reception. They said we could stay there for the same price as the bamboo huts at $80 a night for all 5 of us! We were happy so we checked in and went into the sea. The beach was beautiful, the water was crystal clear, it was picture perfect! We spent the day chilling out and had dinner at the resort. That evening the hotel was throwing a party although the first boat of people didn’t arrive until 11:30pm. It seemed like everyone was tripping on acid around us and we hadn’t got the memo. We had a few cocktails and played a few drinking games but we headed to bed as it got to 1am and there was still only a handful of people at the party!

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The following day we relaxed and then booked a private boat to take us to see the sunset at ‘long beach’, then to see the plankton and then one last stop at the main pier for us to have dinner. To do all these stops and return we paid $55 in total for us all. The sunset was beautiful! Be warned that the boat can’t dock at the pier due to it being part of a private resort so you have to walk trough the water to get to the beach! On the way to the main town we stopped off to see plankton which was incredible, then we stopped for dinner at ‘Coco’. Here we had breakfast the day before and the food was really good so we decided to head back there! After food we decided to go back to nature beach and then organised for a private boat to take us to Koh Rong Samloem the next morning.

That night there had been a thunderstorm but all seemed okay the next day although the sea looked a lot more choppy! We paid $60 for the boat from nature beach to Mad Monkey Hostel in Koh Rong Samloem. We boarded the fishing boat while it was bobbing up and down everywhere and looked at each other in fear of what was to come. We have never been on a boat ride like it, the waves were crashing over the side, we were holding on making sure we didn’t fall over board and we were counting down the minutes! Finally we saw Mad Monkey in site and lucky for us it was in a cove so the sea was a lot more calmer. We jumped off at the pier and headed for reception. We couldn’t check into our room until 3pm but that was fine as we just dropped our bags down and grabbed some lunch and relaxed by the sea. At Mad Monkey they give you a wrist band and all your food and drinks are put onto a tab, this can be risky as you forget what you’re paying for, they also do a borrowing system of borrow $100 pay $110 back so you won’t be stuck with the bar bill but it’s a hefty on top charge of 10%!

We checked into our dorm which seemed to be a 3 sided wooden hut and were warned about leaving food in your room for jungle animals to come in to find. We grabbed some dinner at the main building and people watched everyone playing the drinking games. Leila, Daisy and Harry had ago at the bean bag game but failed miserably and even nearly threw one into someone’s dinner! That evening we didn’t stay up late as we wanted a full day in the sun the next day! We got up, had breakfast and with Daisy we decided to have ago on a paddle board and kayak that Mad Monkey allow you to use free of charge. It was good fun and a laugh, we also chilled for a bit on the hammock’s out in the sea.


That evening was pizza night so we all got a pizza and joined in with the drinking games. They also done a pub quiz which we came second in. Probably because Leila and Daisy done the wheelbarrow challenge, came first and took it so seriously Daisy ended up with carpet burns! The bar staff also put on a fire show for everyone which was good fun then it was music until midnight as there is an army camp close by that demands music off by then. So at 12 everyone heads down to the beach before heading to bed. Our plan was the next morning to get up early to catch the first ferry back to Sihanoukville as we needed to get a bus to Kep as we had booked to stay in a ‘Air B&B’ for a few nights.

Tip: Make sure you take extra cash with you as the islands can be expensive.

Tip: Dont loose your return boat ticket back to Sihanoukville.


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