Phan Thiet.

We made sure we left Nha Trang straight after breakfast to start our four-hour drive to Phan Thiet as we had treated ourselves to a villa for Christmas. When we arrived at ‘Sea Links City Resort’ they were baffled why we booked a three bedroom villa and not just a hotel room but we explained its Christmas and we wanted to make a Christmas dinner! The villa was better than we expected, it was huge and over looked the sea, it was part of a golfing resort with three pools, three restaurants, a spa and of course karaoke! After we settled in and had a shower we jumped back onto the bike in search for a supermarket to find things for our Christmas dinner!


We drove into Phan Thiet town and found a ‘co-op mart’ here we managed most things but there’s no turkey, sprouts or gravy in Vietnam unfortunately. We made do and managed to find the ingredients to make a lemon drizzle cake to as it was the only thing harry wanted! We managed to fill up five shopping bags and after paying realised that we only have a scooter and not a car so Leila carried a couple of bags one went in the seat and we managed to bungee two onto the bike rack! We arrived back just before sunset luckily with no food missing and every egg in one piece! We decided to grab dinner in one of the restaurants and head back to the villa to relax.

The next morning we were up for Christmas Eve and decided to head into Phan Thiet again but this time to a market we drove past the day before when we arrived we realised it was mainly furniture though so we had a mooch around town and then headed back to the resort. We went to the pool and had a walk around the grounds to see where everything was, we then headed back to make Harry’s lemon drizzle cake and cooked our dinner. We played a few games of the monopoly game we brought from Nha Trang watched a film and then headed to bed.


The next morning was Christmas Day. After breakfast we put our Santa hats on and headed to the beach for a cocktail while waiting for our friends and family back home to wake up. It was the first time any of us had been away from family at Christmas and with it being hot as well it didn’t feel like Christmas Day at all! After a couple of cocktails on the beach we headed back to the villa to start on our Christmas dinner. Once we had it in the oven it was about 8am back in England so our family were just waking up. We made a few FaceTime calls which made it feel more like Christmas Day but also made us miss being at home for Christmas! Once we had managed to FaceTime everyone the dinner was ready and we tucked into our make shift Christmas dinner and popped open some Russian champagne!

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Most of our time in Phan Thiet was spent relaxing around the Villa as the rest of our time in Vietnam was go-go-go! We didn’t get out to see many sights just a few walks here and there but it was lovely to have time just to relax and do nothing! I think our bodies needed it, especially after so much time sitting on the scooter!

Tip: Phan Thiet is mainly resorts so there isn’t much to do apart from relaxing! If you want to meet more back packers head for Mui Ne.


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