Qui Nhon.

After nine long hours we eventually arrived at Qui Nhon! The journey was eventful, we knew a drive of 350km would take a long time but we don’t think we would do it again! We needed to head as far south as we could get as we were running out of time in Vietnam and wanted to be in ‘Mui Ne’ just before Christmas so that we could spend it there. We thought we would drive as far as we could and once we got tired we would stop.

Unfortunately for us at around 7pm we noticed the back tire had gone completely flat! It was pitch black and we were about 10km away from the next village. With only a few houses around there was not much that we could do other than walk to the closet house and ask for their help. Luckily a Lady was sitting outside, we wrote on our translator that our tyre was flat and asked if she could help, she hand signalled that she needed glasses and ran off to get them. Her husband arrived with her and asked us to wheel the bike into the front garden of their house, he gave us a hand pump to pump the tire up slightly and kindly rang his mechanic to come and help. Within five minutes the mechanic arrived on the scooter and signalled for Leila to go on the back of his and for Harry to follow with the scooter. Luckily his house was only a stone throw away. When we arrived there were four men sitting round a karaoke machine singing their hearts out drinking rice wine. They got us both a stall to sit down and the mechanic started sorting out our scooter. It was definitely a memorable scene! It seemed like the whole village was popping over to see the westerners at the mechanics house. After nearly two hours finally our tyre was fixed and our oil had been changed. It seemed we had ridden over a nail! Just as we were leaving a guy turned up with his girlfriend who spoke some English, he offered to find us place to stay as it was late but we were ready to keep going and explained we just needed to eat something! With this he asked us to follow him and he took us to a restaurant and had dinner with us. We chatted for a bit but as the time was gradually getting later, we said we had to get going and off we went. After two more hours (due to having to go really slow because the road is so damaged and there’s no street lights) we arrived in Qui Nhon.


We had decided to stay at ‘Life’s a Beach‘, it was about 10km out-of-town but had its own private beach. By this point our phones and battery packs had died and we had just reached the town, confused where to go we asked a taxi driver and he just pointed straight, but we ended up coming across two round-about’s, we stopped off at what looked like a taxi rank and asked one of the scooter taxi’s if we could follow him and we would pay him, the price he gave was ridiculous though so we had to do our last resort of getting the Mac laptop out to give our phones some power to get the sat nav up! We finally got it up and headed for the hostel. It was in a tiny fishing village down narrow alley ways. When we arrived it seemed all the lights had been switched off so we gave them a call and they came to let us in. Here they only had an apartment available for us but gave us the first night half price due to us arriving so late! The apartment was lovely, it was a five-minute walk to the hostel but it was modern and very well decorated. Finally at 11.30pm we managed to get into bed and relax!

We made sure that we could stay 2 nights here so that the next day we could have a well deserved lay in, which we did! Late In the morning we headed to the hostel for breakfast, after eating we headed into town to have a walk about. We had a coffee and a cake and then headed back to the hostel to relax by the beach. Unfortunately for us it was extremely windy and the sea was extremely rough, normally you could get a boat out to an island not far from the shore but we didn’t want to risk going out in the sea with how big the waves were! We had dinner at the hostel which was lovely, enjoyed the happy hour on cocktails and then headed back to our apartment. The next day we were up at 10am to check out and head to our next destination Nha Trang.

Tip: Only ride the road at night if you can concentrate well. There are so many pot holes and its extremely dangerous!




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