Nha Trang.

From Qui Nhon we rode for four hours to reach Nha Trang. The whole drive was along the coast and by the time we arrived it was still light. We went to ‘Mojzo Dorm’ hostel to see if they have room, they only had dorms left but that was fine by us. We hadn’t stopped for lunch along the way so we asked if they recommended anywhere to eat, they recommended us to ‘Lanterns Restaurant’ and were so glad they had! It was traditional Vietnamese food but so tasty! Harry had Vietnamese curry and Leila had a crispy noodle dish that you had to break and dip into the sauce to eat it, although it was very messy! We had a quick walk around the block and then headed back to the hostel for the free beer hour. We enjoyed it on the rooftop chatting away but both were exhausted from the ride so headed to bed for an early night.

The next morning we missed the free breakfast at the hostel and decided to head to ‘Llama Cafe’ for something to eat. When our food came we were quite happy we had missed the free breakfast as it was delicious! For the quality of the food it was very reasonable and while we were eating we had a browse on ’Trip Advisor’ for things to do around Nha Trang. As Harry has a love for monkeys we decided to ride the scooter and get the ferry to monkey island. It cost us 200,000 Dong each including boat transfer.


We boarded the boat with two other people and due to the weather it was quiet rocky. So if you get sea sick bare this in mind as it made Leila’s tummy turn! We got to monkey island and had a walk around, we didn’t know what to expect and saw a lot of people gathered around one area. We walked up to have a look and out of the curtain came a dog on a toy car, then a monkey on a bicycle and then a monkey riding a scooter. Although this really isn’t in the animals best interest it was hilarious to see, especially as we didn’t expect it. Once the show had finished everyone seemed to walk off to another area that said dog races, again we didn’t know what to expect but we thought we would sit down and see what everyone was waiting for. Then from the other end of the course came 8 dogs racing with monkeys riding on their backs! After the race had finished we had a walk around the island and headed back. We were only there for about an hour but that was more than enough. We thought it would be more of an island with monkeys in their natural habitat but it was definitely more of a money-making scheme. We’re glad we went because it was amusing to see and we hadn’t seen anything else like it but we don’t think we would rush back in a hurry as we would rather give our money to somewhere that has the animals interests at heart than what is going in their pockets.

We rode back to the hostel, parked the bike in the garage and headed to the shopping centre to have a mooch around, here we found a cinema that was playing ‘Jumanji 2’ in english so we decided to watch the screening. We were shocked at the price to as it was only £2 a ticket! After the film we headed for dinner at ‘LIVIN Collective’ restaurant. Here the food was quite pricey but it was very tasty and the place had a Shoreditch vibe. There was also a shop selling artwork and one-off pieces of clothing from individual designers and artists, they had a monopoly card game of Hanoi which we decided to buy. By the time we had finished our food it was getting late and we headed back to get some rest as we had planned to head to Mui Ne in the morning for Christmas celebrations.

Tip: Head to the cinema in the shopping centre and watch a movie! It’s so cheap and they always have a couple of films in English!



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