Da Nang

The busy city of Da Nang was very different to everywhere else in Vietnam we had been. There was loads of high-rise buildings and an enormous river than runs through. We arrived at ‘Barney’s Hostel’ to be treated by two lovely receptionists. Here we had a private room for 400,000 Dong per night. They checked us into our room and gave us a map of the area and showed us places to go. They also told us to head to the ‘Dragon Bridge’ for 9pm as on Saturdays and Sundays the dragon breathes fire. With this we headed out for dinner and had a walk around the town. It’s such a big city we only walked around a fraction of it so we were ready at the ‘Dragon Bridge’ for 9pm. Here they shut the road off and people fill the paths of the bridge, the dragon breathed fire about three times, and people were still waiting, baffled we headed back to the scooter but due to the amount of bikes we were gridlocked in, so we had to wait. Then all of a sudden everyone was running due to the dragon spraying the largest amount of water and drenching everyone in reach! It was a funny sight to see and the dragon done this a couple of times and then the road was back open and everyone was on their way.


The next morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hostel and then headed on the bike to ‘Ba Na Village’, it took about forty minutes to ride there and it’s totally worth the visit. The ticket price is ? Per person. Here they have the longest cable car in IndoChina covering 5km. Due to being unable to go onto the Fansipan cable car in Sa Pa we were excited to go on this one. Its was also Harry’s first cable car! Leila hates heights but braves cable cars due to the amazing view you get. Harry thought it would be fine but halfway into the journey he started to panic as it felt like flying almost. We reached the top of the first cable car but we had to get onto another one to get to the top. Luckily this was a lot quicker and finally we reached ‘Ba Na Village’. Due to it being so close to Christmas there was decorations everywhere and Christmas songs on loop. We went to the fun world first. Here we went on a couple of rollercoasters and played a few arcade games to escape the cold. We then headed to the brassiere for lunch and had a walk around the village. It was amazing how European it was and we finally felt christmassy! After our food had gone down we got into the long queue for the ‘Alpine Coaster’. After about an hour it was finally our go, it was so much fun and its amazing how much speed you build up. After that we went back into fun world to warm up and then headed back onto the cable car back down.


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We arrived back to the hostel just as it had got dark and then headed along the road to ‘Art House’ for dinner. The vibe here was great, and the food was basic but really nice. We had home-made burger, fries and a drink which was only 99,000 Dong each! We walked back to the hostel and relaxed as we planned to go to the ‘3D art museum’ and then start driving down towards the coast the following day. We woke up, had breakfast and checked out of the hostel. We drove about seven minutes up the road and arrived at the ‘3D art museum’. We really recommend going it was so much fun. Every room is themed differently and its so interactive, its perfect for all ages. The ticket price was 200,000 Dong each, so not cheap but definitely recommend visiting. The art work is incredible and its very well set up, also because we were there early and it was a week day, it was only us and the cleaner!

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Afterwards we began our journey to ‘Hoi An’ for lunch where we went to ‘Jacks Cat Cafe’. Google directed us but as it wasn’t signposted we couldn’t work out where it was. Luckily two local girls realised that we looked lost and walked us to the door to ring the doorbell (obviously this must be quite common for people trying to find the place). Here they ask for a donation of 100,000 Dong per person to help with the maintenance of having the cats. You get a drink included in this and we also decided to have a bite to eat, Leila had the Aubergine dip with toast and Harry had the Curried egg mayo wrap. The food was delicious, although the cats had their eye on it! Here they do an amazing job at rescuing cats. You can adopt or foster cats here too or just enjoy their company while you’re there. They also had kittens that they were nursing back to health due to being found on the side of the road in a bag! If you’re in Hoi An, definitely give it a visit and spend as much time there as you like (unless they’re closing). Sometimes you may have to book but luckily for us we managed to just turn up! After an hour here we then started are drive to Qui Nhon.

Tip: Make sure you head to Da Nang on the weekend so you can catch the ‘Dragon Bridge’ breathing fire at 9pm!



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