Luckily for us we had a whole cabin to ourselves for the sleeper train journey to Hue. It was comfy and we managed to get a decent sleep. We arrived in Hue after about twelve hours at 10.30am and we were greeted by torrential rain! We jumped straight into a taxi and got dropped off at ‘Cherry Hotel’. For a double room with en-suite was 400,000 Dong per night including breakfast. We went for a walk up the street to get some lunch at ‘?’. Here the food was lovely and they donate 15,000 dong per dish to help the poor in Hue. We then decided to try to brave the rain to see some of Hue’s famous sights but we got as far as the bridge and the rain defeated us, we were soaked! We walked back to the hotel, had a shower, got changed and relaxed in the hotel. We decided due to the weather it would be best the next day to move onto Da Nang instead of trying to brave the weather.


The next morning we woke up had breakfast and got ourselves both a rain poncho, two cheap ones to wrap up the backpacks and headed to the train station to pick up our scooter. The office was to the left of the station, here we just handed in our slip in with all our details on and they led us to our bike. They had wrapped it up in a crate and it was all in tact and ready to go. We put the back packs on and started our journey to Da Nang, the rain was horrible to drive in, even with the rain ponchos on we were soaked. We braved through it and by 5pm we had reached Da Nang and the rain finally stopped!

Tip: If its raining in Hue buy a rain poncho, even if all the men riding up to you on scooters trying to sell you them are winding you up!


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