Meo Vac.

After eight hours on the bike then stopping for lunch and tea along the way, it was starting to get dark. The roads driving up the mountains are steep and can be dangerous. It was also getting bitterly cold, looking at the map it said 60km left to Dong Van. We decided that Meo Vac was 30km closer and due to this drive being one of the best in the country, it would be better to stay the night here and then drive on tomorrow in the day. We drove round the corner to Meo Vac, to what seemed like a gigantic city after being in a rural area for so long!

When we first drove in we pulled over to see what places there was to stay. We arrived at ‘Mr Hung Backpacker Guesthouse’ here they only had a dorm but it was just a small bed on the floor and after driving for so long we just wanted somewhere comfy. Although the price was very tempting at just 80,000 Dong each per night. We carried on driving and looked at a hotel but the hotel wants 500,000 Dong, so we decided to keep looking. Just to the right of the hotel there was a homestay so we decided to drive down and have a look. We arrived at ‘One Vang Meo Vac Hotel’ and had a look at the rooms. Here the rooms were individual pods, with double beds and en-suite. There was a small garden area and kitchen area with a fire going as it was so cold! For only 200,000 Dong for both of us we decided this would be perfect and different. We settled in and headed to the kitchen area to ask where was best to get food. One of the workers got on his bike and signalled for us to follow him. He drove us to a local restaurant where we could grab something to eat. Here we ate rice, vegetables and beef stir fry. It was tasty, better than the food we had at ‘Ba Be National Park!’ We decided to head back for an early night and watch a film on ‘Netflix’.


The next morning we woke up, enjoyed breakfast which was eggs and baguette then decided to drive into town to have a look at a few shops before heading off. Leila got a pillow for the bike as being on the back is definitely not the comfiest, we got a few snacks incase there was nowhere to stop for lunch and started driving towards Ha Giang. We drove through Don Van and decided to stop off for a coffee and get the oil changed. In our opinion Don Van is a lot prettier than Meo Vac and has a lot more to offer. If we had more time we most likely would have stayed here for a couple of nights, but being on a one month visa we had to get going.

Tip: Break the ride up from ‘Ba Be National Park’ to Meo Vac, 8 hours was to long so split it over two days and it will be more enjoyable!


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