Vang Vieng.

We arrived in Vang Vieng after a bumpy 6 hour journey on the mini bus. When you arrive at the bus stop its a walk from the town so there are tuk-tuk drivers waiting to pick you up, they get as many of you in as they can and off you go. We had decided to stay at ‘Easy Go Hostel’, mainly because it said they had a new puppy! (although the poor pup was called ‘Bukkakke!’) But were so glad we did. The atmosphere was so chilled and homely. In the common area they have a big TV with loads of movies and TV series to watch. There is also a balcony and an amazing view. The staff are super friendly and helpful. We stayed for 2 nights in a dorm for 30,000 Kip per person and then 1 night in a private room which was 80,000 per night. You can find them on ‘Hostel World’, or just turn up and they’re very accommodating.

Most of the days we just spent relaxing walking around town. There are many activities to do here but we wanted to relax. You can go rock climbing, trekking, hot balloon riding, kayaking and zip lining etc. On one of the days we decided to join everyone from the hostel and go tubing. You can’t go to Vang Vieng without going tubing! It was such a laugh, although not as crazy as it used to be, it was still really good. There was 4 bars open along the way. When you are approaching them, they launch a half empty bottle of water towards you (as it floats) which is attached to a rope. So that you can grab on for them to reel you in. Most of the bars sell a big bottle of Laos Beer which is 20,000 Kip and a bucket is 40,000 with a balloon. At The first bar you can play volley ball and beer pong. The second bar we stopped at had a big dance platform and the owner coming round giving free shots of lao lao (whisky). The third bar we gave a miss and the last bar was where you finish tubing. Be careful as the current can be strong here and difficult to get out from. Luckily most people help each other out. Here they have a bonfire to warm you up as it gets quite chilly when the sun starts to set, there is also more alcohol and food! We left shortly after we arrived at the last bar, as you have to get your tubes back by 8pm otherwise you lose your deposit!


We went back to have a shower and get changed and then headed out for dinner. We went to a local restaurant which was super cheep and served amazing food! After we had eaten we headed to the Space Bar. Here you can buy a joint with your drinks, but remember in Vang Vieng police will fine you 500$ per person if you’re seen smoking out of Space Bar. So if you want to smoke just head here, you can get food and drinks, chill and then move onto your next location. On the walk back we stopped off for a Laos pancake from the street food venders (They’re amazing by the way). We headed back to watch some movies in the common room at Easy Go Hostel.

The next day we just relaxed and booked our bus ticket to our next destination which was Phonsavan. The bus journey cost 120,000 Kip Per Person. The tuk-tuk picked us up at 8.30 the next morning and we were on our way!

Tip: if you want to go tubing, stay in a hostel to meet people and go in a group. It makes it a lot cheaper for you as they charge extra per person if you’re an individual or small group.


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