Unfortunately our train to Phitsanulok was so packed so we had to stand for half of the journey. Once it eventually emptied, we could sit down for the rest! It took roughly 6 hours meaning we arrived at Phitsanulok when it was dark. Due to this we decided to stay one day and then try to get to Sukhothai the next day.

We checked into ‘Karma Hostel’ where we were greeted by the owner Mark who was originally from Southampton. He was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the area. He made us realise there was a lot more in Phitsanulok than we had realised! We decided to stay another night, put our bags down, then went up to the roof terrace to chill out on the hammocks.

The next morning we decided to get up and rent a scooter to drive to one of the waterfalls. We had run out of memory on the go pro though so we had a quick stop off at a massive Shopping Centre not far away, they had a photography store supplying the correct memory cards for the GoPro.

The drive to the waterfall took about 45 minutes. When we arrived we realised it was only us and the gardeners! With the hope for a dip in the waterfall we realised that wouldn’t be possible as it was gushing! We sat on the edge and had a few snacks that we had picked up along the way. To our amazement there was fish jumping out of the water looking like they was trying to get back up-stream! We stayed there for about half an hour and had a walk about. Leila got a red ant stuck in her shoe and with that we decided to leave!

There’s a few more waterfalls further up but we decided it was getting late and we wanted to head back. We went back to the hostel and chilled out for the evening. We looked at booking to go to Sukhothai but after realising it was ‘Loy Krathong’ festival (festival of light). We realised literally all the hostels were booked up or incredibly expensive. With this we decided to head to Chiang Mai the next day instead.

Tip: Rent a bike and head out-of-town there’s some great places to see out of town!


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