Pai was our favourite place we visited in Thailand. With a great atmosphere, great people and great food.

We drove the scooter up the famous route 1095 and were so glad we did. The views were amazing, the road was even and there was great places to stop along the way.

Our first stop was to ‘Mok Fah Waterfall’. It was about a third of the way up route 1095. When we got to the waterfall we wished we had brought our swimming clothes! It was amazing and had a great lagoon for taking a dip in! We had a quick walk around and then got back on the road as we didn’t want to get there too late as we were told there was about a 3 hour drive left!

The next stop was for a coffee at the witches house. Amazingly decorated and perfect timing as it has just started to rain so it was pretty cold on the scooter! After a great coffee and a toilet stop we got back on the road to complete the journey. We wanted to stop off at ‘Huai Nam Dang National Park’ to but unfortunately it had got dark by the time we arrived so just decided to check into our hostel.

We booked one night at ‘Buzzas Backpackers Hostel’. We loved it so much we ended up staying 4! The beds weren’t the comfiest but that’s normal in South-East Asia! The atmosphere was great and the people we met were great too!


The first evening we had dinner at the hostel and just relaxed after being on a 4/5 hours bike ride! The next morning we woke up and chilled for a bit before having to take the scooter back to Aya as we booked it until 1pm the day after arriving to Pai. We decided to rent another and had lunch at ‘Queens Burgers’ which was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had (and we both had a veggie option!) and it wasnt very expensive either, so definitely recommend going there.

After eating we rode the scooter to the white Buddha. Here we climbed the 353 steps to the top to enjoy the views. It was harder that we anticipated, so make sure to take a bottle of water with you! The views are worth the climb and the sheer size of the buddha when you get to the top is amazing.

We then headed to ‘More Paeng’ Waterfall. Here the waterfall was great with 3 different levels to sit at and a lagoon to swim in at the bottom. To get to the top-level you can either take the path or climb up the waterfall! At the bottom in the lagoon the water was freezing so we didn’t manage to brave it.

We then headed to the canyon to watch the sunset which was magical! Leila’s really scared of heights so she couldn’t bring herself to walk too far out on the canyon but we got a great view of the sunset! We then headed back into town for the night market. Here there was amazing food, from falafels to avocado rolls to tasty crepes!After a great meal and a walk around town it was back to the hostel to relax around the bonfire.


Over the next few days we explored Pai on the scooter, going to the memorial bridge, the longest bamboo bridge in the world. To get there you need a scooter but don’t follow google maps as it takes you to the memorial bridge not the bamboo bridge!


Our last night in Pai we headed to the beach club for one night. They had a pool here with an inflatable obstacle course. It was good fun but the pool was slightly green and not well maintained. We stayed in a large bell tent which was lovely. The stars here at night were incredible! It cost 800 baht for a private room. The next morning we headed to the bus station to get a mini bus to the end of route 1095. As we were leaving there was a massive biker convention starting, it was quiet unusual to see a Thai biker gang!

Tip: If your smoking anything in Pai don’t take it out with you as the police are lurking about ready to search you, especially when your on the way to the waterfall!


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