We arrived at Bangkok airport on 26th October, which by chance was the kings cremation. When we landed we had two options on how to get to our hostel, get a taxi (easy but costly) or figure out the public transport (cheap but sometimes confusing). We decided to try out the sky train and figure our way to our hostel, as it would be more exciting and most probably more scenic. When we got to the ticket barrier we were given a black token and by chance due to the kings cremation, all public transport was free!


The next step was finding our hostel. When you arrive somewhere new and it’s pitch black it’s hard to find your bearings. We had forgotten to download the map on, so after asking a few people we managed to find our way!

Our stay in Bangkok was at ‘Good One Hostel’. It was our first hostel and it set the standard high. The beds were extra comfy, the breakfast was great and the ambience was good too! On the other hand, we did get woken up at 4/5 in the morning due to a noisy group of people but being somewhere like Bangkok that has a good night life and being in a 12 bed dorm you have to expect some disturbance.

Due to the kings cremation most of the main sites were closed for the weekend and a lot of places were not serving alcohol (apart from our hostel). This didn’t matter to us though as we knew we would be back in Bangkok early next year. In the morning we decided to have a quick walk around, experience a Thai tut tut and see what the ‘Chao Praya River Express Boat’ was about. It’s a great way to see Bangkok and the sights and also less hectic than the train or roads! We stopped off at the flower market, from here we had a wonder. We found ourselves at ‘Yesterday’s Tea Rooms’, with great cakes and a lovely atmosphere it’s defiantly worth a visit.

On our way back we found a phone shop and decided to get a one month sim for 850 baht for 10gb of data! We just brought 1 to save money as with that much data and most places having Wi-Fi Leila could just hotspot Harry’s phone while we was out.

We then went back to relax at the hostel and planned to go to Ko San Road to see what the fuss was about. When we arrived it was very quiet because of the kings cremation and no one serving alcohol, this was fine for us though as Leila had arranged to meet an old school friend she hadn’t seen since she was 11! We went for dinner and a catch up! Before we knew it was extremely late and time to go back to the hostel so we jumped into a metered cab and said good-bye.

The next morning we were up to figure our way to get to Ayutthaya. We done a bit of research and found out we needed to go to ‘Victory Monument station’ to catch a bus. When we arrived no one spoke or read English so the ‘Hostel World app’ helped us out with the translator function. (You need internet for this though so make sure you get a sim). We got ushered onto our bus, just started to relax into the journey when the bus stopped on the side of a highway and we were hand signalled to get off. Confused, we followed the crowd over a bridge to a massive bus station called ‘Mo Chit Bus Terminal’. Here people spoke some English and we realised we had to get onto another bus to get to Ayutthaya.

Tip: Make sure you always get the taxi to put on the meter. They often say no to foreigners but you will be charged a lot more if you pay a set fare.


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