The journey to Ayutthaya was quite quick, you could even do a day trip from Bangkok if you wanted, but we decided we wanted a couple of days here. We hopped off the bus and got surrounded by ‘tourist information’. We avoided communicating with them as the both of us were quite hungry so decided to get some lunch first before checking out a couple of places to stay.

We came across ‘Tonys Guesthouse’ as it was highly rated online and in the guidebook so we took a look around. Downstairs it had a pool, (refreshing in the heat but not very well maintained) restaurant, bar and masseuse. He showed us upstairs to the rooms which were extremely clean, we paid roughly £35 for 2 nights with air con. After checking in we went downstairs for a swim and then to dinner.

The next day we decided to go sight-seeing, we asked a tuk-tuk to take us to the floating market. Once we had got off the tuk-tuk and walked in, we realised we were on the complete other end of town. But it was fine as we were near a few temples we wanted to see. We walked to ‘Wat Phra Is Sanphet Temple’ which was really nice and had a lot of history behind it. It once had a huge buddha which was 16 meters high and made from 343kg of gold that got burned down by the Burmese in 1767. This temple was the holiest and most popular in Ayutthaya as it very ancient.

We then took a walk around the park surrounded by temples and stumbled upon some elephants which we could have our pictures with. Much to Leila’s delight! We grabbed something to eat and then went back to the guest house as we had arranged a boat trip to that takes you to 3 other temples along the river.

We got picked up from the guesthouse at 4pm and driven to the pier. Here we boarded the boat and was on our way to the first temple ‘Wat Phanan Choeng’. This temple was built-in 1324 and has a 19 metre Buddha that people all around was coming to pray to. It also has attracted gigantic catfish. At the temple you can buy food and feed it to them.


After about 20 minutes here we set off to our second temple ‘Wat Phutthaisawan’. This temple was built-in 1353 which had rows and rows of golden buddha’s inside the cloister house that was pretty amazing to look at.

After another 20 minutes at the second temple we went back to the boat and went to the final temple ‘Wat Chaiwatthanaram’. Here the boat banked and we had a short walk through a field to get there, the sun was starting to set which made ‘Wat Chaiwatthanaram’ look even more magical.

We were really glad we decided to give the boat journey a go. If you find yourself in Ayutthaya we highly recommend it. For 400/200 baht (temple fees not included, normally these are about 50 bhat per person) each so it’s totally worth it. You get transport to the temples and to see the sunset over the famous Ayutthaya canal was amazing!

We returned and had dinner in a lovely restaurant opposite to the guesthouse (they even did a passionfruit martini) and then got an early night as we were getting the train to Lopburi the next day!

Tip: Walk around Ayutthaya as much as you can, its a small place and easy to get around, this way your see most places to.


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