We arrived in Murdershwar after a 3 hour bus journey. The main attraction of this town is the gigantic Lord Shiva statue on top of a temple. We knew the statue would be large but when we turned up into the town we were all blown away by how enormous it actually was!
 The Lord Shiva statue is 123ft tall and the second tallest in India which you can go inside  and view sculptures of Hindu gods explaining the story of Shiva. It’s best viewed at sunset from the Raja Gopura on the 18th floor.
 We arrived in Murdershwar and it was getting late so we checked into ‘RNS Residency Hotel’ opposite the Lord Shiva. The hotel was pretty basic and the beds were pretty hard but we didn’t stay in there long as the three of us went for a short walk along the beach and then had some dinner. The beach also seems to be very popular as well as the Lord Shiva statue and Raja Gopura. During the day it is filled with locals fishing in the sea, having a swim and playing in the sand but in the evening there are also lots of stalls set up on the beach selling food, drinks, jewellery, toys etc. If you like to eat fish then you won’t struggle to get some here but you will struggle to get a decent breakfast that isn’t idly’s and dosa’s.
 In the morning we searched for another place to stay as we had the whole day to look around and we weren’t overly satisfied with the beds. A short walk left from the Lord Shiva we found a homestay that was cheaper and a lot more comfier! We held the room and went back to have a look at the Lord Shiva statue up close and to collect our bags.
 We dropped our bags off, went for a long walk along the beach and came across jellyfish, starfish, crabs and loads of conches! We got caught out in the rain and Harry got to play some cricket with the locals!
 Afterwards, we went back to the homestay to chill out, then it was dinner and bed as the next day we were heading on a six hour journey!
Tip: Be prepared as you may be the only westerner in town due to Murdershwar being a holy place so respect the Hindu culture and cover up at all times. Especially for women being on the beach.
Tip: Try to get in line for the Raja Gopura building between 5 and 5:30 so you can get a chance to see the sun set from the 18th floor.

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