Upon arrival in Mangalore we all decided to give it a miss and that we would rather be on the coast in Malpe which is more laid back. To get there we had to hop onto a local bus that took us to Udupi and then into a tuk-tuk to Malpe. When we arrived it was dark so we found the first place we could stay from the guide-book which was ‘Paradise Isle Beach Resort’. We only stayed here for one day but felt that it was enough before heading to the next location. Half an hour after we arrived the monsoon rain started throughout the night and into the next day. The hotel wasn’t that great but we did go for the cheapest option which were these little cottages to stay in instead of the hotel rooms. It was a few minutes walk away from the hotel itself which we didn’t know, so we got drenched on the way. We also asked if they could give us an extra bed as there were three of us which they said was fine but the extra bed was the thinnest mattress you could imagine on the stone floor and then charged us 800 Rupees (£10) for it. If we knew the outcome of the extra bed we would have avoided paying for it and saved our money. The next morning we complained and told them that we didn’t even use the mattress in the end but they shrugged their shoulder at us as if to say tough luck, but because we had dinner at their restaurant which we billed to our room that cost more than the mattress, we told them we wouldn’t pay for the food then which left them no choice but to refund us for the “extra bed”.
 We would have loved to visited St.Marys Island but due to the weather it wasn’t possible. Other than the lovely beach, there isn’t really much to do around Malpe. We literally got the tut-tuk from Udupi to Malpe, stayed a night in the hotel and then got a tut-tuk back to Udupi around mid-day after walking along the beach. Malpe is just a picture perfect sandy beach but as a westerner don’t expect to be sunbathing. The town is full of locals and Indian tourist’s so when swimming in the sea you must cover up.
 Due to the weather we got a tuk-tuk straight back to Udupi and then hopped on a bus to Murdershwar.
Tip: Try to get a boat to St.Mary’s Island as we were unable to do so as it looks like a great day.

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