Jog Falls & Gokarna.

We left Murdershwar after bartering with the taxis on price and started our route to Jog Falls which we decided to do on the way to Gokarna. Jog falls is the second highest waterfall in India at 253m. It is surrounded by a lot of monkeys and forest. We stayed at Jog Falls for about 45 minutes as this was enough to walk round and take in the views, although it was a very long way up it’s definitely worth going to see yourself. Once finished the three of us then got back into the car and started the next leg of our journey to Gokarna.
IMG_6137 2
 We arrived in Gokarna and decided to have a look at OM Beach. Leila’s mum sat in a restaurant having a coffee while Leila and Harry walked up the beach looking at where to stay. We decided on Nirvana which is the furthest away on the beach. Each room was an individual bungalow with an en-suite. With Leila’s mum happy with the choice we checked in. At 800 Rupees a night for all three of us where you’re literally on the beach in nice bungalows with great food we found ourselves a bargain!
 When we sat down for dinner the menu was a lot better than we expected! The whole beach seemed to be inhabited with Israelis which meant the food was catered for them too! Loads of humus, pita bread, salad and fresh mint tea!
 We got our head down and headed to town the next day. We walked to the end of the beach and jumped into a tuk-tuk to Gokarna town which is only about a 10-15 minutes drive and is definitely worth going to. With great shops and places to eat the town was a nice way to spend the day. Everyone is so friendly and you’re most likely to find something there that you need, from sunglasses for the beach and mosquito spray for when chilling out in the evening. We definitely recommend staying at OM Beach for a few days and giving yourself to spend the day here.
We then headed back to watch the sunset. Gokarna sunset was the best we had seen so far as the sky filled with purples, pinks, yellows and oranges, it was amazing. We stayed here for 2 more nights, relaxing and enjoying the beaches. The other beaches were nice although OM Beach was still our favourite. It was really nice because there are cows walking along the sand, people throwing frisbee’s to each other, music from people’s speakers, it was definitely the most relaxed place throughout the whole of India so far. One night we were chilling in the restaurant having a drink and all of a sudden more and more people were showing up out of no where, we didn’t really think much of it other than Nirvana probably being very popular. We didn’t really think much of until someone told is that there is going to be an Israeli comedy act going on, it was great fun as there were roughly 40 people laughing along and enjoying the show it’s just a shame we were like the only ones who couldn’t really understand what was being said. After a few days here it was time to move on and get the train to Goa which wasn’t too far. We looked into Benaulim before leaving so we all knew it was going to be another chilled place to stay, especially Leila’s mum as she had been there 30 years ago.
Tip: Don’t be afraid to walk in and check all the different places to stay, including the rooms before deciding where you want to settle down.

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