Coimbatore & Mettupalayam.

We arrived in Coimbatore for 6.30/7am off the sleeper bus but we decided to waste no time and got straight onto a local bus to Mettupalayam. We turned up at the bus station and found the station master and asked for his help. He shouted to the bus driver to wait for us and he pointed us to the correct bus. We boarded and even though Leila sat in the ticket masters’ seat, and then Harry in the seat for women they just laughed it off and we was on our way. For the price of 80 Rupees for the 3 of us, it’s definitely the cheapest way to travel India. Not the cleanest of busses but comfy and not too hot either.
 In Mettupalayam there isn’t much to do. There is one main road, the bus station and the train station. It was still fairly early when we got here so we checked into our hotel ‘Soorya International’ which we had booked in advance. It’s nothing special but nice to stay for the night as it was only a 5 minute walk to the station. Everybody who stays in Mettupalayam are mainly there to get the Nilgiri mountain railway in the morning up to Ooty, although we didn’t see another tourist while exploring.
 We decided to take a quick walk around town and found ourselves in back streets painted pale colours, it was so picturesque and hidden away from the Main Street in Mettupalayam. There were goats wandering around and heads peering out of gates checking out who we were, but with a quick ‘namaste’ they soon smile. With Mettupalayam not being very touristy, be prepared to eat very local. (we advise to sticking to vegetarian) Also be warned, there are beggars at the bus station that try to grab things off you, and if you say no or give them a piece of food they tend to stick around to run you dry!
Tip: Get to local bus to Mettupalayam as the taxi drivers charge considerably more!

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