From Gokarna we got the train to Margao, Goa. The journey took us two and a half hours, then we had a short taxi drive to Benaulim beach. This was our last stop in India as it was a place Leila’s mum insisted on going as she spent months here 30 years ago.


 When we arrived at the beach the first place we saw was Johncy’s bar and restaurant which Leila’s mum had been going on about for weeks. It was here she spent most of her time In Benaulim. She insisted we went in for something to drink. We sat down and Leila’s mum started asking if Johncy was still here. The waiter she asked explained that the bar had been sold on and the owner was sitting across from us. Leila’s mum wasn’t taking this for an answer and every waiter she saw she repeated, ‘i was here 30 years ago, is Johncy here?’ She even asked the same waiter a couple of times. We couldn’t stop laughing. Sad that she couldn’t see Johncy, we left and found somewhere to stay.
 We stumbled across Blue Corner. For 1200 Rupees a night you could have your own beach bungalow with En-suite and a veranda with a view of the beach! It was perfect! We decided to spend our last week here chilling out, enjoying the beach and last few days with Leila’s mum.
 Our days in Benaulim were mainly spent around the area we were staying, relaxing, going in the sea and eating good food! We walked into town most mornings for a mooch about so Leila’s mum could buy loads of things but Leila and Harry couldn’t resist buying a couple of paintings from a local artist. One of a Sidu smoking a chilhum (an iconic image of India) and one of Ganesh a Hindu God.
 After 6 nights in Benaulim our stay in India came to an end. we caught a flight from Goa back to Delhi to get our connecting flights the next day. Here we stayed at Hotel Delhi Aerocity as we wanted to be a stones throw away from the airport. The hotel was great value for money and they also sort out a taxi to the airport for you. The next morning we was up for breakfast and into the taxi to get to the airport. While in the taxi we noticed just long the road from our hotel was every factory outlet you could imagine, Nike, Adidas, Clarks, Levis ect. So if you like shopping and your last stop is Delhi, Stay here and give yourself a bit of extra time to look around the shops because I’m sure you’ll find some bargains!
 We arrived in the airport with 3 hours to spare but the check-in and security took 2 and a 1/2 hours! With our planes boarding half and hour before take off we had to say a quick goodbye to Leila’s mum and run to our gates! We boarded and it was now just the two of us. On to our next stop Thailand!
Tip: If you want to stay on the beach in Benaulim make sure you walk to the left of the beach, as this is where all the places to stay are.
Tip: Make sure you leave plenty of time when catching a flight from Delhi airport as the check-in process takes a while!

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