We ended up in Bangalore by chance as we wanted to work our way to the west coast. We flew from Varanasi, with it being Harry’s first internal flight in India he was slightly nervous. We flew with Indigo Go, the check in was smooth although there really isn’t anything in the airport to entertain yourself with! We boarded our flight, to our surprise the plane was brand new, which put Harry at ease. Our flight was incredibly smooth and we safely landed in Bangalore, and then ordered a ‘Uber’ to the city.
 We stayed one night here before getting a sleeper bus to Coimbatore late the next day. With it being a quick stopover and knowing that we was arriving late we booked online earlier in the week. We stayed at ‘Hotel Swagath’. The rooms were average but the location was really good. When we arrived it was pitch black and a bit of a ghost town due to it being early hours of the morning. At first we thought the hotel had locked up but luckily after a quick knock a head appeared and checked us in.
 We had a little look what was around us on our maps in the morning and decided to go into ‘Cubbon Park’ for a walk. As the city itself is quite hectic, we knew we wasn’t interested in seeing high-rise buildings or shopping centres so the park seemed like the best option.
 The size of the park was amazing to be in such a built up city you definitely forget where you are. There’s an adversity of landscapes from pretty gardens to woodlands and then the biggest bamboo we have seen! There were birds of prey everywhere and we even got stuck in our first monsoon shower which we took shelter at the bandstand for 20 minutes until deciding to take the plunge and get soaked trying to find a tuk-tuk back to our hotel. We called the first empty one we saw and didn’t bother to barter as we just wanted to be out of the rain!
 After the rain stopped we went out for dinner and then stumbled across a massive market of Indian clothes which is round the corner from the hotel. We had a quick look around, then it was back to the hotel to quickly grab our bags and get a tuk-tuk to take us to the bus station where we boarded our sleeper bus to Coimbatore.
Tip: Make sure you use Uber if you’re at the airport, it’s a lot cheaper than other taxi companies!

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